Psychotherapeutic Help

Psychoanalyst (UKCP Reg. ARBs) with over thirty-five years experience.

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I work with individuals, couples and families.

mob: 0781 380 5316
tel: 020 8829 0616

I work in the areas of sexuality, sexual identity, loss, displacement including cultural loss and identity, with a spectrum of personality disorders, as well as past physical or sexual abuse.

I have competencies in working with a spectrum of troubling issues, sexual, compulsive, obsessive, depression, lingering sadness, that is depression, anxiety and frequent or unmanageable feelings of vulnerability and fear.

I can help with problems between someone and their partner, husband and wife, as well as between people in a family (mother and father, parents and child).

My experience is in working, using a broad range of ideas, to create an understanding of our inner worlds and in order to help individuals develop and grow.

I work with people to help their communication and understanding with others by understanding themselves.

Some have said that the work of the therapeutic session is to help the individual turn a monologue, where only one person is talking, into a dialogue where more than one person are talking together.

A person can be in conflict with themselves, with what they are telling themselves.

Sometimes a person may fall silent.

There is a lot, then, to the idea that in therapy the focus is on what is said in the room.
Between two people or within a group of people.
That is in understanding the various aspects of ourselves and the conflicts that can arise within us.

Or between us, when looking at a group and in family dynamics.

That part of ourselves I call the inner world is essential to us and very valuable.

I work with people to try to help them to appreciate that value, the very particular specialness we have as ourselves.

If someone is only talking, but not listening to themselves, that can be lonely and frustrating. An isolated person will feel vulnerable.

Isolation expresses itself in different ways.

Some people may not have sufficient contact with others. While other people may be swimming in a sea of advice from others which is overwhelming, or “advice” from themselves.
That may not be helpful.

I believe in helping people to help themselves find and understand the value of what might go unnoticed and be hidden or lost within them.

Often what is hidden and seems lost hides painful experiences.

We must over time come to trust ourselves and the other person sitting in the room with us.

I find it necessary to begin to explore this unknown, although that can be a painful journey.

People who see me gradually come to know themselves and to accept themselves. Together we make an attempt to link this new understanding of themselves with their life and the people around who are important to them.

As we work together “cross-culturally”, across the divide that both separates and binds us all, the cultural aspect serves to inform and enrich the therapy sessions.
Here we develop a collaboration that begins to consider similarities and differences between ourselves and others.

I also offer group and individual supervision.

Adam Saltiel
UKCP Reg. 2011163973 ARBS